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Hello there!

I am Christian Guerra, an Ecuadorean passionate about technology and who would be overjoyed to be part of Automattic as a Happiness Engineer.

About Me

I’m Christian. I’m an electronics engineer from Ecuador. I love technology, playing with new gadgets and everything around home automation, that’s why I studied Smart Buildings in the UK.

My wife and I love travelling, we have gone to a few nice places together and are planning on visiting more places in the future.

You can check my personal blog for more!

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My Experience with WordPress

Although I have been a blogger since 2012, I created my first website only 4 years ago.

All the websites I created since, and the ones I helped create are personal. They belong to me or my family and have a special value for me.

You can also check the Porfolio Directory, which is a page created to Test premium features and try HTML and CSS coding.

Customer Service Experience

I have engaged directly with customers all my life while helping at my parents’ store.

As a Project Engineer, I worked closely with the sales department and was in charge of solving technical problems as post-sales support.

To make up for my lack of experience in customer service, I took the advice from the happiness engineer blog post about learning from unhappy customers and decided to read “The Customer Service Survival Kit“.

The first time I heard the following quote was from reading this book.

“Cowards die many times before their deaths,

The valiant never taste of death but once.”


That was what convinced me that the skills to handle customer situations were teachable, and it motivated me to learn to have the confidence to handle any customer situation.