Aitama Foundation – School Blog

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Aitama Foundation – School Blog

Objective of the page

School Blog to share about the activities performed by the student-led Aitama Foundation.

For whom and why

This Blog was for my wife and her students. She is a high school teacher, and they were looking for a way to share their personal projects, and the activities accomplished for their Foundation. I suggested they create a series of free blogs on for that purpose.

My only contribution with these projects was to guide them to create their own account and to set up their first free blog. Beyond that, I sent them the necessary resources to edit their blog using blocks and make them their own.

Elements used

Free blog at with the free subdomain

Uses the blocks editor with the Exford theme.

Even when these projects are the ones I had the least involvement in, I feel happy to have shared the knowledge I had on creating blogs and I feel proud to see the results and how blogging culture expands and finds new creators.

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