Christian’s Pro Scene – Portfolio and Testing site

Christian’s Pro Scene – Portfolio and Testing site

Objective of the page

To show my experience with WordPress and to use it as a testing site to practice HTML, CSS, and to test problems shared in the forums.

For whom and why

This is my portfolio page for WordPress projects. The idea was to showcase the projects I have been involved with, in a better way for the Happiness Engineer job application.

It was also intended as a testing site, taking advantage of the premium account to test CSS features on a page, learn more about Full Site Editing and practice exercises on domain/subdomain registration and transfer.

Elements used

Started as a Free site on that was updated to a Premium plan, and linked to the domain

It was developed with the blocks editor, and now it’s also using Full Site Editing with the Payton theme.

The test page has some simple HTML and CSS code implemented, but everything else including the header and footer were made with the block editor.

Published by Christian Guerra

Changing the bio of the profile.

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